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Baby Soothers/Dummies Reviews

Mam baby dummies are designed perfectly to help baby suck and retain nipple easily. With variety of dummies options like MAM Perfect, MAM Bite and Relax, MAM Night you can carry baby soothers wherever you go. Check out our MAM baby dummies/soothers customer reviews and also feel free to write down your experience with us.


MAM Air Soothers 4-24 Months 2 Pack


3 Reviews

Great dummy!



I’ve used this brand of dummy for all four children and they are by far the best dummies I’ve found. These are great for drooling babies as they allow the air to circulate and less chance of drool rash!

Only dummy LO will take



Great dummy, getting hard to find though. I ordered three packs and expected to get the colours pictured, but two packs were the pink and purple combos.

Amazing dummies



Honestly, these are the best on the market. My son will only take these dummies & my eldest has ASD & when he was younger that is the only brand/type (after trying every single brand out there & spending a small fortune) he would take too. They are easy to clean & store. Plus they don’t interfere with little teeth coming through.

jungle_dummies (1).jpg

MAM Crystal Jungle Dummies


5 Reviews




These pacifiers are adorable. I did in fact get the ones pictured--a pink one with giraffe and butterfly and a purple one with two flamingos. I know some people said they didn't get the designs pictured. I really like the case in which you can sanitize them in the microwave. The part the baby sucks on (in theory) is silky smooth.


Perfect for my 12 month old

Austin Belgard


My baby is 12 months. She likes these and ONLY these. We LOVE our glow in the dark MAM pacifiers! Easy to find. Easy to clean. Durable. She has only used MAM since she was born.

Good for lip and tongue tie



The colors and design are so pretty and it’s the only brand baby seems to really like. LO has a revised lip and tongue tie and MAM has been the best.

My Daughter Loves These!



My now almost 9 month old loves these. When she was first born, she started out with the Soothie's and wouldn't suck anything else. I originally bought her the next stage up of those when she turned 3 months and while they are fine, I found the nipple and border to be quite hard and bit difficult for her to keep in her mouth. These MAM pacifiers are super cute and the nipple is softer. I also use MAM bottles so, this made sense. They sell pacifier clips and I would suggest getting a pack of those as well to keep track of the binkie. My daughter is really good at making them disappear.


Daughter's Favorite

J. Watkins


My daughter's favorite pacifier brand! We've had this brand since she was born, and all of the different designs on them are very cute. It's a good quality, and I love the case it comes in that you can sanitize them in.

night_dummies (1).jpg

MAM Night Dummies 0-4m 2PK


3 Reviews

Good quality



Have always bought mam soother as it is easy to clean and bub loves it

BPA free



Love that they glow in the dark.

Love the glow feature



Perfect size for newborn, other sizes were way to big for her.


MAM Perfect Soother 4-24 Months 1 Pack


2 Reviews




Perfect alright! My 6 month old takes it happily. And the teat is shaped differently to all our other mam soothers; thinner, which is supposed to be better for her developing jaw and teeth. It's also more "airy" around the face so good if your little one is prone to dummy rash. I do recommend this soother.

Nice soother



I purchased the soother online and I like it and mostly my daughter likes it. Nice design but could do slightly better with the handle.

MAM Feed and Soothe Set
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