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Choose an anti colic baby bottle and colic baby dummy to make those early days easier.

Babies can be fickle. Happy one minute, incessantly crying the next.


Sometimes, you just can’t figure out what’s wrong!


Maybe they’re hungry.


Or maybe it’s that windy pain in their bellies.


Maybe it’s colic.


Every parent finds it difficult to know exactly what their child wants all the time.


The journey does become easier but in the meantime try helping your baby settle with some of the best anti colic bottles and baby dummies from MAM Australia.

Find out more about colic in babies here.


MAM Anti-colic Bottle

Silk Teat -

Vented Base -


- Dust Cap

- Wide Openings

MAM Perfect Dummy

Accepted by 94% of babies

Make bottle feeding easier

The teats on anti colic bottles made by MAM have a SkinSoftTM silicone surface, which makes for an easy switch between breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

Less colic and regurgitation for 80% of babies

Enjoy feeding time with MAM baby bottles

MAM anti colic bottles are the only bottles you will find with a vented base to reduce colic. They are designed to follow your baby's individual drinking rhythm for a more relaxed feed.

A unique self-sterilising function

Try MAM Australia baby bottles

The MAM bottle quickly cleans itself in three easy steps, ideal for on the go mums. 

60% thinner and 4x more flexible than average

Try MAM’s pacifier range


​With thinner, softer and flexible teat necks, MAM dummies are much more innovative than almost every other brand.

Reduce the risk of misaligned teeth

MAM newborn dummies

Recommended by medical experts,  the orthodontic MAM silk teat on a MAM dummy is ideal for aligned jaw and teeth development.

Comfortable for baby

Good for their skin

Thanks to the large air holes, your baby can find comfort with their colic baby dummy, without irritation to their skin.

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About MAM

Discover the best anti colic bottle and colic baby dummy​

MAM products have been helping parents successfully soothe and feed their babies for over 40 years.


Our proud history of innovation is based on our focus on the health and care of all children.


At MAM Australia, we help you take the confusion out of taking care of your new arrival. Stop guessing about how to manage colic or which bottles and dummies are best for your baby and be sure with MAM.

Only the highest level of safety


Every MAM anti colic bottle or MAM newborn dummy is a result of years of meticulous research, tests, and improvements.


Our products have been approved by scientists, doctors, professors, designers and mums!

Scientifically proven


When it comes to your child, there is no room for compromise.


Shop our range for the best anti colic bottles and most baby-friendly colic baby dummy you will find.

It takes a village...


MAM Australia understands the wonder and challenges of raising a baby.


This is why we built MAM Club — so every mum can get the support she needs.

Register once, benefit forever!


MAM products have been helping parents successfully soothe and feed their babies for over 40 years.

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*Field study, Austria 2011, tested with 73 mothers of colicky babies / Market research, USA 2010, tested with 35 mothers of colicky babies.