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MAM Baby Bottles FAQ

Mam provides a wide range of Bottles and bottles accessories which are made up of the highest standards and quality trusted by millions of Moms around the world. Below you will find a list of our most commonly asked questions on MAM baby bottles. 

How to sterilize MAM bottles?

Separate all the parts from the bottle and wash every part with hot water.
Place the washed and rinsed parts in the pot and then submerge the bottle in the pot of water, make sure there are no air bubbles from the bottle.
Let the water boil for 5 minutes 
Drain any excess water and place the bottle on a clean dish towel or paper towel.

How to sterilize MAM bottles in the microwave?

Before you begin, Make sure your microwave is clean.
Wash the bottle and the parts as usual before half filling the baby bottle with water.
Keep the microwave on high temperature for one or two minutes
Use oven mitts to remove the bottle from the microwave.
Dump all the remaining water out and the let the bottle dry.
Place the remaining parts like nipples and rings inside the microwave safe bowl and fill enough water to cover them.

How long to sterilize MAM bottles in the microwave?

You can sterilize the Mam bottle in a Microwave for two to four minutes.

How to stop MAM bottles leaking?

Ensure all the parts are correctly assembled. The screw ring should be tightened sufficiently. ( Overtightening  would damage the product). Ensure that the nipple has the correct flow for your baby.

By using the cap, ensure the parts are placed correctly while shaking the bottle to prepare food.

Where to buy MAM bottles in Australia?

Mam baby products can be purchased online from  Our products are also available at Chemist Warehouse stores. Check out the nearest store around you by visiting our homepage for more info.

How to clean MAM baby bottles?

Separating all the parts will make it easier to rinse the individual parts with water and a mild cleaning agent. For every newborn, it is very important to sterilize the bottle before each use.

 From what age does the bottle no longer need to be sterilized?

A baby who is six months old can develop a good body defense system. At this age, you can sterilize the bottle and the teat occasionally. If your baby is ill, the bottle needs to be sterilized every single day.

How often should the bottle teat be replaced?

For hygiene reasons, Check the teat for signs of wear and tear each time you use the bottle. You must replace it as soon as you see any damage or weak points.

Are MAM bottles shatterproof?

Apart from glass bottle, all parts included in Mam bottles are shatterproof.

How is the bottle teat cleaned?

Bottle teat can simply be cleaned by rinsing water and light cleaning agent or by keeping the teat on the upper compartment of the dishwasher.

Teat should be sterilized before the first use and then at regular intervals.

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