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Baby Oral Care Reviews

Baby oral care products assist your baby through the early stages of teething. Mam products give great comfort to baby and ensures baby's gums and teeth develop naturally. Drop down to check Mam oral care review.


MAM First toothbrush


7 Reviews

First Toothbrush

Amy June


Super easy for bub to use on their own

Nice trainer toothbrush



Easy for little ones to hold and my kiddo liked chewing on the handle for teething, too.

My baby loves this brush

Jessica Vaughn


I like that you can hear it us brushing actual teeth, the plastic ones it’s hard to tell.

YES Mam!

Amazon Customer


Always love mam toothbrushes. Good quality, good safety standards, good appearance.

Its honestly good quality but better suited for a training and habit ...

Greg R Hawkes


My little guy has a few teeth and we decided to try this out. Its honestly good quality but better suited for a training and habit building aid than for cleaning new little baby teeth.




Our son loves brushing his teeth and this purchase was perfect for his little teeth.

My daughter's favorite tooth brush



My daughter's favorite tooth brush. Originally received one as a gift from a friend visiting from Germany and was so pleased to find the same one


MAM Teaching Toothbrush


4 Reviews

Great Design for Toddler



The extra long handle is a great design for toddlers. My son likes the hold the middle grip part and I hold the end and we brush together. He absolutely love brushing his teeth and this makes him feel more independent since he feels like he's doing the brushing.

Perfect size for my little babe!



Perfect size, love the gum massaging end. My babe is 11 months old and loves brushing her teeth with this; I don't even have to tell her, she sees me pull out the toothbrush and gets excited to brush her teeth!

Dentist Dad Approves

Adam Cohn


My son loves it!!! He's 10 months... If I brush his teeth- he leans in to it. If I let him hold it- I have to pry it away from his fingers to take it away. Btw... I am a dentist!

Excellent toothbrush, easy to use, very effective

Ana Margarita


This is a very good toothbrush. Small and effective, it allows you to wash teeth all around. Excellent for when gums are swollen or hurting. Excellent for chewing as well, and very good lengths.


MAM Teething Cloth


3 Reviews

Product as described!



Quality product that we have used from the beginning to help baby adjust to something being in his mouth. Currently, our baby has the flu and we have used the rabbit daily to make sure his mouth is cleaned out.

Fun way to clean baby's mouth

Michelle Verini


My little guy enjoys "brushing" his mouth. Sometimes he will "bite" or try to chew my finger which helps me clean some of the milk stains off his tongue. He likes to grab the face and laughs while I clean. Item is as described.

So cute and useful.



So cute and useful. Baby hated it at first because it was an odd sensation and distinctly Not Food, but now she loves to chomp on my fingers and I love that her breath doesn't smell.

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